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We’re very excited to launch this brand new platform that provides a voice for others.

There’s just one caveat: Your ideas must be counter-culture. We’re not looking for middle-of-the-road content. If you’re on the far left, or the far right: fantastic.

Communists?  Welcome. Anarchists?  Welcome. Alt-Right?  Welcome. Third-wave feminists? Welcome.

We’re looking for (2) different types of content at Wesplain:

  • Insights
    With a minimum of 500 words, we want to know your insight on a very niche topic that’s important to you. This can include specific topics relating to feminism, gender, race, economics, LGBT, etc.. Submit your insight.
  • Anecdotes
    Did something happen to you, or did you witness something that you think our readers would enjoy (or cringe) reading? Submit it to us and we may share it!

When you submit a story or an anecdote, your email will not be shared and your name will not be revealed unless you request otherwise.